Virtual League: A drift to online games

Janrey S. Dela Merced

The Collegiate Immaculate
4 min readDec 7, 2021

Effectuating sports in another form, the University of the Immaculate Conception (UIC) engaged in a new field of sports and pushed beyond the limits of the screen, employing camaraderie and vigor for the E-Games and E-Boards during the conduct of the Dilaab: E-ntramurals League last November 12- 19, 2021, via Facebook Live.

In the integration of the online games, students showed wit and strength in tactical gameplays in the E-Game events composed of the Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) 2, Mobile Legends (ML), Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM), and Valorant.

Dominating the realm of heroes, the Ravaging Canines stood victorious among four clusters in the DOTA 2 battle, manned by Edel Sarzuelo, Paul Labutap, Frans Baguio, Kenneth Vargas, and having Yuki Gamale as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the entire event. With their strength and precise gameplay, they rampaged their way in pursuit of the title and successfully attained victory after a series of strenuous games against other clusters. Coming in close, the Serenading Serpents came first runner up, with the Shadow Chimera in second, and lastly, the Coalition of Cheetahs.

Among the four clusters, players from the Ravaging Canines famished themselves with victories that led them to take home the ML championship title. With the strength of their MVP, Jay Paul Balbiran with the entire team, Evan Lloyd Amodia, Jean Alvin Meikle Bañez, John Carlo Lim, Anwar Maisalat, and Eldibrando Muralla, pushed towards victory and successfully showed the strength Canines had in store. They may not have won the game, but the Serenading Serpents, Shadow Chimera, and Coalition of Cheetahs gave their best and landed first, second, and third runners up, respectively.

Rampaging through the whole E-Games event, players from the Ravaging Canines showed untethered vigor and tactics as they stole the CODM championship title. Wielding power and tactical superiority, Rea Arizza Lirazan, Jeff Benedict Montinola, Tomme Jasper Tapic, Leila Kim Abata, Al Jomar Abdulbaki, and having Kate Maika Po as MVP exemplified that talents in skills in the online battlefield knows no gender. Giving them a good fight, the Serenading came as the first runner up, then Coalition of Cheetahs in second, followed by the Shadow Chimeras in third.

Bagging their fourth championship title in the E-Games category, the Ravaging Canines stood firm and radiant against competing clusters in Valorant. Embodying valor and tactical supremacy, Rico Daniel O. Catacutan, with the aid of his team, Joseph Benedict Sulla, Gene E. Gulanes Jr., John Jason R. Rado, Grem Ray R. Alpas, and Eirol Jan D. Coronado, prevailed and took home the championship.

They may have fallen short, but they made the championship game worth fighting. The Coalition of Cheetah came in the first runner-up, followed by the Serenading Serpents, then the Shadow Chimeras at third.

Exemplifying preparedness and strength, the Ravaging Canines led to ravage the championship awards in the said category. In an interview, Angela Baula, the cluster’s Officer-in-Charge (OIC) for E-games, noted that it was a well-deserved win since the participants exerted effort and showed determination in winning by giving ample time to practice and prepare their gameplay.

As students embarked on this virtual recreational engagement, UIC sought to challenge the students’ sharpness in the E-Board games composed of Scrabble, Chess, Word Factory, and Tetris Battle, all situated online. Regardless of the limitations, students successfully exemplified mental astuteness―a quality molded by UIC.

In the battle of royal fields, players from the Serenading Serpents and Ravaging Canines stood their ground and won their matches in Online Chess, Male and Female category, respectively. Serpents and Canines protected their royalties against various chess masters from other clusters and conquered the board.

In an array of letters, one’s luck and wit were tested, showing that strategic wordplay wins against mental challengers regardless of a bad draw. Among hopefuls, Serenading Serpents and Coalition of Cheetahs showed dominion over the online Scrabble Board competition and won victoriously in the Male and Female categories, respectively.

Even if words are jumbled, the keen eyes and razor-sharp wordplay from the Serenading Serpents and Shadow Chimera stood out among word masters in both Male and Female categories.

The Serenading Serpents showed board game supremacy and took home their fourth E-Boards Championship title with the online Tetris Battle Male Category. Players from the Ravaging Canines also went home with a title as they showed strength in their battles in the Tetris Battle Female Category. Being both a student and an athlete takes commitment to serve both areas.

“Our players were already great with their game, so we did not give each other pressures,” Avel Bangero, Serenading Serpents E-boards OIC, posited when asked about their achievement in the said category. With all-out trust and support to their players, their cluster snared multiple golds in the said events.



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