Unleashing talents, cluster reps show dancing skills

Maria Frances Dianne C. Incipido

The Collegiate Immaculate
3 min readDec 7, 2021

Confidently dancing in the virtual spotlight, contenders from different colleges displayed their powerful moves as the eDance competition commenced last November 17, 2021, via the official YouTube channel of the University Student Government (USG).

During the week-long celebration of Dilaab 2021, the students grooved with determination and passion setting fire in the virtual stage. The heat of support heightened as the students of each cluster made an effort by watching, liking, and sharing their bet’s entry.

Each dance event was critiqued based on choreography, execution, musicality, and overall charisma to determine which performer shined brighter. The said event was judged by Ms. Sheila B. Josue, Mr. Aldrex John Boquil, Ms. Regine Joyce G. Migalbin, Ms. Gelsa G. Dragon, Mr. Ronell C. Cervera, and Mr. Rene M. Babiera II.

In the end, winners were announced last November 19, 2021, during the closing ceremony of Dilaab, as to who showed the best rhythmic moves.

Moving to the beat of the music, Irren Sagayno of Shadow Chimeras hailed as the first placer in the Hip-hop Solo Dance Female Category. Jeslie Noreia Garao of Serenading Serpents was declared as the second placer, Izzy Abenoja of Coalition of Cheetahs as third, and Iona Vaquilar of Ravaging Canines as fourth.

Joshua Patrick Lirazan of Shadow Chimeras hyped the virtual dance stage making him clutch first place in the Hip-hop Solo Dance Male Category. He was followed by Christian Jhul Gabrinao of Coalition of Cheetahs, Francis Aaron Matildo of Ravaging Canines, and Regie Boy Hubilla of Shadow Chimeras.

With astounding poise and grace, representatives of Serenading Serpents Hazel Joy Da-anton placed first and Charnie Fernandez ranked second in the Solo Folk Dance Female Category. The Ravaging Canines’ dancer, Destine Mari Petaluna placed third and Jazelle Faith Villarama of Shadow Chimeras for fourth.

Shadow Chimeras’ pride Val Gersalino won the first spot, placing Ravaging Canines’ rep Alexander Malack as second in the Solo Folk Dance Male Category.

Triumph favoured the contenders of Ravaging Canines as Chat Natricia Nerves and Deodan Benedicto secured first place in the Dance Sports Solo-Latin American Discipline for the female and male category, respectively. Shadow Chimeras’ rep Rhea Cero landed second place in the female category.

Shadow Chimeras groaned the loudest as they copped the first spot in the Dance Group Competition, succeeded by Serenading Serpents, Ravaging Canines, and Coalition of Cheetahs.

Showcasing great stamina and coordination in the Chair Dance Exercise Competition, the participants of Coalition of Cheetahs from the College of Teacher Education (CTE) bagged first place and Shadow Chimeras from the College of Medical and Biological Sciences (CMBS) clasped the second rank.

The Ravaging Canines from the College of Computer Studies (CCS) grabbed third place, followed by the College of Accountancy and Business Education (CABE).

Serenading Serpents dominated as Aaliyah Kyla Pia seized the first place, placing Marie Morales Ruperto of Shadow Chimeras as second, Noime Cañete of Ravaging Canines as third, and Juelle Graze Agujita of Shadow Chimeras as fourth in the battle of confidence, style, and artistry in the Tiktok Dance Challenge.

Behind the successful and jaw-dropping competition, Ms. Louise Jane Tanduyan, the officer-in-charge and USG Secretary, expressed her satisfaction with the results.

“So, as the officer in charge of the eDance competition, my thoughts on this are that it is not easy to manage an entire event. You will require a lot of time and effort, as well as a working group to assist you. And, regardless of how simple or complex the job is, it requires meticulous planning and organization. There are several elements you should consider early on to make the process as stress-free as possible, from determining a precise budget to marketing your event. But aside from the struggles and sleepless nights, it was a great experience from which you will get a lot of knowledge.”

She also expressed that although there were instances wherein there were misunderstandings and problems being faced, she was amazed that the students did an excellent job of showing their abilities and talents.



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