UICians bag winning spots for eNVIRONMENTAL tilt

Ley Nicole V. Jangolan

The Collegiate Immaculate
3 min readDec 7, 2021

Equipped with creativity and prowess of craftmanship, brilliant students of the University of the Immaculate Conception showed preeminence and excelled in the different eNVIRONMENTAL competitions during the Dilaab: UIC E-ntramural League 2021, held last November 12–19.

Four different clusters compete in five different event categories under eNVIRONMENTAL Competitions namely: Mask-a-rade Competition, Dress-up that Face Shield, Flower Pot Design Competition, Fruit/Vegetable Carving and Vlog Competition. As they fought for the throne, the participants emerged victorious as they represented their clusters with honor and dignity.

Showing great efforts and competitiveness, Ian Spencer S. Conejar from the cluster of Ravaging Canines bagged the championship gold medal for the Mask-a-rade Competition Male Category. In the same vein, Faith Jane P. Sedon of Shadow Chimera was hailed as champion for the Mask-a-rade Competition Female Category while Jezreel Apple Glaze of Ravaging Canines ranked first runner-up and Shella Mae A. Gomez of Serenading Serpents placed as second runner-up.

On the other hand, a student from Ravaging Canines named Haries VI T. Micolob became the champion of the Dress-up that Face Shield Challenge Male Category and Jezreel Apple Glaze Dionglay of the same cluster for the Female Category. Along with them are Mohammad Nur C. Dimatingcal of Coalition of Cheetahs who won first runner-up for the Male Category; Jameaca Nisnisan Abogada of Coalition of Cheetahs and Precious Maureen B. Sadio of Shadow Chimera won first and second runner-up, respectively, for the Female Category.

John Carlo Dubluis of Ravaging Canines was declared as champion of the Flower Pot Design Competition Male Category and Rysel Mae L. Cuyong of Coalition of Cheetah for the Female Category who equally presented tremendous skills in designing. Subsequently, Ly Anton Alaba of Shadow Chimera and John Lynard G. Dela Cruz of Coalition of Cheetahs secured the second runner-up and third runner-up ranks for the Male Category; and Aihla Michelle Berdo of Ravaging Canines and Angelie Jhed Clar of Shadow Chimera earned the second runner-up and third runner-up titles, respectively, for the Female Category.

Furthermore, the set of winners for the Fruit or Vegetable Carving who proved their competence are the following: Jonas G. Collado of Coalition of Cheetahs grabbed the championship spot for the Male Category while Jareen Tan of Ravaging Canines was the first runner-up. For the Female Category, Jelian Dessareyn Pugahan from Serenading Serpents cluster reigned as the champion. Along with her are Marites C. Dadong of Coalition of Cheetahs who won the first runner-up and Kimberly Cabagti of Ravaging Canines who bagged the second runner-up.

Presenting the reality of their life amidst the pandemic through artistic vision, Joppet Sy Davis from the cluster of Shadow Chimera proclaimed as champion for the Vlog Competition Male Category with the theme, “My Life during the Pandemic.” Following him was Jeno Nicolas of Ravaging Canines who clutched the second runner-up title. On the Female Category, Shaira Angeli V. Litanon still from Shadow Chimera conquered the championship place while Bridget Nicole A. Macabinguil of Serenading Serpents and Jan Millena J. Villaflores correspondingly took the first runner-up and second runner-up places.

“It’s pretty much enjoyable to share my talent to other people, even though we faced a lot of problems or struggles in our life because of the pandemic, I am glad that we still have time and opportunity to share our skills or talents which can make other people smile,” shared by Davis, when asked about his takeaways on the said competition.

The participants of this year’s eNVIRONMENTAL Competition really exhibited outstanding entries with their remarkable abilities and artistry. According to Ms. Armee Viktoria Adobas, the Officer-in-Charge of the said competition and one of the University Student Government’s Public Information Officer, the participants were very participative and did their best to submit their entries before the deadline despite their busy schedules.

“The courage they showed in accepting the challenge to be one of the participants for this event, sharing their creativity and representing their respective colleges are the traits that made this year’s event very special and festive. It goes without saying that this event was made successful due to their presence and efforts,” she added.



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