DILAAB: Raging league

The Collegiate Immaculate
2 min readDec 10, 2021

Dilaab — a Visayan term that means an intense flame that burns brightly. The word can also be likened to having intense emotions. With the recently concluded e-ntramural league, the word “dilaab” has been embedded into everyone’s spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie. The core theme of the said competition has symbolized hope and given the limelight to the students’ creativity and innovation.

As one of the collegiate highlights, this yearly anticipated event has challenged the student body and the institution itself into adapting the online setup. Given the current situation, this recreational activity has made a drastic shift. However, it has not hindered the university from conducting an event similar to it while being in the comfort of one’s own home.

With the commencement of e-ntramurals, the need for solid internet connection and technical difficulties was encountered as a challenge for the students. Regardless of being confronted with many issues, the institution remained steadfast in organizing the online league and following regulations.

Though going back to normal is nowhere in sight, with the collaborative efforts spearheaded by the University Student Government (USG), Dilaab was pursued. Despite the virtual setup, the activity allowed students to engage and connect with other students while enjoying a temporary break from textbooks and academic duties.

Considering the limitations and restraints imposed by the epidemic, Ignacian-Marians have remained committed to their core values. The “despite ofs” that were stumbled upon by students only stoked a raging fire of resiliency and solidarity among them.

As the four clusters ablaze with passion as they fight head-to-head to get the championship title, they have exemplified what a faithful Ignacian-Marian does in the face of challenges.

The students have once again demonstrated the values of faith as they remained true to their beliefs, showcasing excellence proving that Ignacian-Marians are skillfully talented to the student body and the administration who provided opportunities for its students. Even if there are mountains of blocks being hurdled, it has not deterred the students from participating and exhibiting their flair in academics and sports.



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