AUniVFG concludes, promotes global academic linkage

Stephanie Sambria

The Collegiate Immaculate
2 min readMar 29, 2022

Upholding a unified Asian community through excellence, the Asian University Virtual Friendship Game (AUniVFG) landed at its final destination, gathering 35 universities across Asia. The closing ceremony was hosted by the University Supreme Government (USG) of the University of the Immaculate Conception (UIC) and was co-hosted by other partner institutions in Asia last February 19, 2022, via Zoom and Facebook Live.

Putting on a battle-mode aura with the spirit of sportsmanship, the winners of the different categories embraced triumph as they raised the banner of their institutions with pride and honor, showcasing their prowess in competing respectively in the seven events.

As part of the ceremony’s highlight, the battle of beauty, wit, and elegance concluded with UIC’s own Miguel Molina and the pride of Universiti Malaya, Aldin Sofiya binti Abdul Manan, being crowned as this year’s Ambassador and Ambassadress of Goodwill, respectively. Their powerful voices became their strength that significantly impacted amplifying their advocacies.

Spearheading the virtual event, Ley Nicole Jangolan, the USG president, stated during an interview that the event was enlightening and, at the same time, fun.

“The event was enlightening because we got to work and interact with people from different countries and universities who represent different cultures and traditions. It opened our eyes to new perspectives and new environments which helped us to be more immersed in what Asian culture is like. Fun because we got to enjoy the whole event despite the challenges we faced, we still had fun meeting new people, watching their performances, and a lot more.”

Despite the distance and the challenges imposed by the pandemic, the participating universities from various Asian countries concluded the virtual friendship game by intensifying strength in unity and teamwork to work as one Asian community.

Jangolan further added that friendship and camaraderie among all the Asian university students were transpired as they displayed sportsmanship throughout the event.

“I think strong friendship and partnership with all the participating institutions of this event were expected after this event and expect more enhanced friendship games next year,” she concluded.



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