Aldin, Molina wins AUniVFG Ambassador title, sparks change beyond the frontier

Marianne Dominique Angelo

The Collegiate Immaculate
4 min readMar 29, 2022

Highlighting beauty with a purpose, cheers and applause were made across Asia and transcended onto the virtual platform as candidates vie for the title in the most awaited event during the second Asian University Virtual Friendship Games, the search for Ambassador and Ambassadress of Goodwill 2022 last February 17, via Zoom and live stream via the University Student Government of the University of Immaculate Conception’s (USG- UIC) Facebook page.

In the end, Miguel Molina from the University of the Immaculate Conception and Aldin Sofiya binti Abdul Manan from the Universiti Malaya were hailed victorious as they were crowned as the titleholders.

The pageant showcased elegance and confidence among candidates while still being anchored to the value of Goodwill with five lovely and handsome pairs fighting for their advocacies and purpose.

Last February 12, the official candidates were introduced in the AUniVFG opening program. The candidates introduced and described themselves, followed by their advocacy videos that showcased the issues they stand for, posted on the AUniVFG Facebook page.

During the first half of the final round, the candidates were given three minutes to make their opening statement about “Recovery after the Pandemic.” They voiced their ideas on how they could use their platforms to extend after-care plans for COVID 19. The candidates’ wit and confidence were then tested as they answered the judges’ questions thrown at them. The candidates were given questions that circulated on the roles they could play amid the pandemic, advocating management and care for mental health, reasons they rooted for joining the event, Goodwill, what voice they could amplify to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries, and how to promote the culturally sensitive language.

Nerve-racking as it was, Molina astounded the judges and viewers as he fearlessly answered why he volunteered to be a part of Ambassador and Ambassadress of Goodwill. “Being the ambassador of Goodwill is not only a superficial thing that everyone knows about pageants that you have to be good looking, but you also have to be, kind of, have the physical attributes that the society, that everyone has, that set the bar or standard for the physical attributes. No. it is not that,” Molina posited.

He emphasized that pageants like such require no physical standards and attributes. He volunteered to become a voice, not just for specific issues but for anything that matters in society.

When asked the same question among the hopeful and lovely candidates, Aldin left the spectators in awe as she eagerly answered, “As a human who is a [part of the] majority in my country, it is actually why I am responsible for advocating for people to fight for the minorities because I am seeing this as one of the platforms for me to ask people to join me, come and let us go fight for the minorities.”

She used AUniVFG to promote and encourage people to uplift those afflicted with discrimination and renounce every opportunity to live a comfortable and peaceful life, not just for her country, Malaysia, but also for neighboring countries such as Myanmar.

During the coronation day, the runners-up and special awards were declared, which heightened the attention of the audience. Following Molina and Aldin were Kianna Dawn Plasos from Bukidnon State University and Ilavarasan A/L Tamilchevan from Universiti Malaya as the first runners-up, while Nur Shafa Ashykin binti Zammalvi of Universiti Teknologi Mara and Vladimir Vincent Goring from Bukidnon State University were announced as second runners-up.

Mr. Harfiz Rasul, one of the judges, marked the end of the event by reminding everyone of the root of their cause. “[This is] a platform where it will help you grow and fly higher because you bring confidence to yourself. This is not about you being the Ambassador or Ambassadress. This is about being you and who you are and telling people that I am here because I wanna be in here- irrespective of where you be and where you from, which university, it doesn’t matter. It is all about you promoting who you are and what your advocacy is.”

The event was brought to a close and set to actualize its purpose. The candidates who brought pride and joy to their respective schools sought to continue their platform as envoys of hope and resilience. The whole event ablaze the hearts of the masses and opened up opportunities to become better individuals who would bring a change on a broad spectrum — the core of the AUniVFG 2022.



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